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Thursday, November 14, 2013

For Melissa!

Hi, everyone!
You will never guess what I'm posting tonight!  Yup, another Christmas tree!  This one is for my daughter.  She wants one in blues and silvers that she can keep on her desk this winter.  Hopefully, this will be something like she has in mind. If not, back to the drawing board!

For this one, I omitted the dowel and glued them back to back.  The ribbon bow at the top is hard to see, but at least you get the idea.    I have a couple of cards to post too, but can't post them until tomorrow.

Have a great Friday everyone!  Catch you tomorrow!


  1. Oh, my! This one is gorgeous! How could she not love it? You've totally outdone yourself. For some reason the photos get really huge when I click on them in Bloglovin so I can see every little fabulous detail. Love how you added the white layers that look almost like eyelet. The snowflakes give it such a wintry and delicate look.

  2. This is so pretty Sherri, she will be happy with it. I love the addition of the snowflakes.

  3. Oh my gosh this is just darling. I love the blue and silver. This is so creative and the little snowflakes are super terrific.
    Bear Hugs,