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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Who doesn't love coffee!

Hi, ladies!

Who doesn't love coffee!  I can't live without it!  I plan my entire day around it  as I'm sure you do too.  These cute Gnomes were on sale at Stamping Bella the other day & I just had to grab them!

They were just too darned cute to pass up.  And on sale....even better! I didn't put a sentiment in it.  Just left it blank so you can send a note to your coffee loving friends!

And just so you think I drink nothing BUT coffee, I should confess I DO drink Harney & Sons Sunset Cinnamon tea!  I am not usually a tea drinker, but this stuff is addictive!  I have at least 2 cups a day. You need to try it.  I used to find it at Walmart but they stopped carrying it.  You can still find it at Target though!  Even if you don't like tea, you need to try this stuff!  It's awesome!



  1. oh my! How adorable is this?? A fab design.

  2. Oh, how cute and funny! I love the sentiment with it. I haven't tried that tea, but I love Chai. Different, I know, but yum!