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Monday, September 29, 2014

A change of pace

Hi, everyone!

I hadn't planned to post today, but have been working on a couple of projects since yesterday & wanted to share them with you.  My daughter found a Halloween wreath she really loved & I told her I would make it.  Unfortunately, it came with few directions & what there were didn't help.  I used a 24" wreath form just like they said & the thing was big enough to hang on the door of the White House!  I hated it!  So today, I made another trip back to the store, bought all new supplies & went a different route.  I'll post yesterday's version along with the newer one.  The newer version is STILL huge, but because I used burlap mesh this time, it is a lighter look.  The lack of color on yesterday's version just wouldn't go so I had to add some bright color to today's version.

This is today's version.  Hope she likes this one better! I should have taken closeups of the furry bats!

Catch you later!


  1. So are you saying the witch is in? So very, very cute. I like the added color and even the bats. Miss will love it.

  2. Wow what a difference with just a little bit of color! How could your daughter not like it?!?!

  3. Sherri, I love it! Your Version #2 is so colorful and cute with the addition of that darling ribbon! The placement of the hat gives it a more open and friendly look, too. I just love the burlap and those furry bats! This is way too cute and your daughter will be delighted, I'm sure!