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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A productive weekend!

Someone told me once that you should always do the things that you hate first & get them over with.  I decided to try that & spent the whole weekend making the dreaded "man" birthday cards.  As anyone who makes cards will confess, these are our least favorite of ALL cards!  You can't put flowers or glitter or cute animals with smiling faces on them! (Well, I have to confess, I did find a way to add glitter to the fishing bobber... It just didn't pop without the glitter!

Since I had to make some birthday cards for family anyway, I just kept going.  A welcome break from all the Christmas cards I have been doing.

Hopefully, there are still lots of golfers out there.

And if the  men don't golf, let's hope they are all fishermen.

And I don't think there are guys anywhere who don't love old cars. 

Now, I think I'm cleaning up my huge mess & calling it a day.    Tomorrow I'll start back on the Christmas things.

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