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Monday, September 20, 2010

For the Husker Fans!

Since I have a craft show in Nebraska this winter, I thought i had better include as many "Husker" themed cards as possible.  They do LOVE their football team!  I had just enough paper left to do two more birthday cards.  I can see I will have to stock up on it the next time I visit my daughter.  I'm sure every single craft or scrapbook store in town has reams of it in stock at all times! 

Making guy birthday cards is never easy, but if you can just add some paper from their favorite team, they probably won't even notice anything but the background paper! 

Since not everybody runs, I'm hoping there are some golfers who are football fans as well.  And this stamp always makes a great guy card. Oops, "Castle" just came on.  One of my favorte shows.  Got to go see what happens!

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