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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Birthday Celebration!

Hello, everyone!

I thought I would post the birthday card I made for a special friend in England last week!  I mailed it in plenty of time as I wasn't sure how long it would take to get to England.  I also wanted to be sure I had the correct postage on it.  Unfortunately, I didn't drive downtown to our only post office when I mailed it.  A couple of years ago, the postal authorities decided that closing all of our post office branches except the main post office downtown would save them money.  They also closed our huge sorting center and decided that driving the mail 90 miles NORTH of us to Sioux Falls would be a fantastic money saving idea too!  Unfortunately, for anyone wanting to mail anything, it wasn't! The interstate going north is usually closed at least once a winter because the road is too bad.  Which means we get no mail on those days.  We now have postal "sub-stations" located in several grocery stores where we are supposed to be able to mail our letters with store employees who have all been "trained!"  Right!  My beautiful birthday card came back to me Saturday while I was out of town & was waiting in the mailbox when I returned Sunday.  They had slapped a huge sticker across the address stating there was $2.00 postage due!  So much for getting it there on time! Grrrr!!!

Enough complaining!  ha ha  I've crossed my fingers & am hoping she gets it before her NEXT birthday!
Here is the card I made for her.

I used the beautiful Marianne Designs Anja's Oval Die for the central die and finished off the corners with one of the 3 dies in the Cheery Lynn Lace Corner Deco B set.

I'll be back tomorrow with something out of the ordinary for me!  Stay tuned!!



  1. Sherri
    This is very beautiful and I feel so bad that it did not get to her in time. We go thru the same thing here but my closet PO is only 7 miles from my house so not too bad but it is all very fustrating Hugs

  2. This is one gorgeous card! the arrangement of the dies couldn't be more perfect. Such a beautiful card will be cherished even if it is late. I love, love it!

  3. How aggravating! Our post office is clear across town. Not sure which is closer -- the one is our town or the next town over. All our mail goes three miles north to be sorted, so if I mail a card to someone in town it goes north first. They used to sort here, but that went away. Your absolutely stunningly gorgeous card was appreciated and adored as much late as it would have been early, though. This is a real WOW, Sherri! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  4. ugh...those postal stations... if you want anything a little different they look at you like you're out of your mind. Machines and computers were supposed to make everything better and save time but have they? I don't think so. More complicated for sure. At least we can still make our handmade cards and crank out our die cuts as much as we want to! lol Beautiful card Sherri. Good luck on getting it sent!

  5. A very beautiful card. I love pink and the anja die is always a perfect choice for a fabulous card.

    Sorry you had trouble with the postal service. They have changed everything around here, as well.