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Friday, April 1, 2016

QKR Stampede Challenge #185 - Foolish Thoughts-Something Funny

Happy Friday & Happy April Fool's Day!

Can you believe today is April 1st already....and also my cat's birthday, by the way.  ha ha  A fitting day for him to be born!  Anyone who knows me well, knows the story but I will share it again for those who don't.  I found him on a farm after following the ad they had placed in the paper.  I can't tell the sex of a cat by looking at it & there were 2 of the cats that looked exactly alike, (both tuxedo cats) so I picked out the one I thought had the best disposition and asked the owner what sex it was.  She didn't know, but another gal who was there looking for a cat that day lifted up the tail & announced it was a female.  Since I was still grieving my last cat who had been a male, I decided having a female would be a complete change & happily took "her" home.  I named "her" Emily.  That following Monday, I took her in to the vet to be checked out.  Everyone there was so happy for me & my new fur baby because they knew how devastated I had been to lose my Persian after 16 years. We had all cried the day he died.  The gal behind the counter held her arms out for me to hand her over when I took "her" out of the carrier.  She immediately started in on how beautiful she was and asked me what I had named her.  I said I had named her Emily!  She cuddled "her" for a minute, then lifted up the tail, turned to me and said "Oh, honey, you don't have an have an Emilio!"   Hence, the reason Brady's April 1st birthday is perfect for him.

On to the real reason for my post today!  ha ha  The QKR Stampede theme for this week's challenge is to post a card with something funny.  I thought Digi# 13310 Sneaking Away & #13410 Bear it All were perfect for this challenge!  Who doesn't need a good laugh when they are forced to wear these ridiculous hospital gowns!

 Head on over to QKR Stampede's Blog for a chance to win some great digi stamps!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. OH, I love your card and it really made me laugh! But your story about Brady was priceless - loved it! I am off to work with a smile on my face. Have a great weekend!! Hugs

  2. You have managed to make me smile today. I love your cute card with the "bear butt" (pun intended) shining out of the hospital gown. Great coloring and layout. I enjoyed your story about Brady, too.

  3. Hahahahaha! Loved your story about Brady! April Fools, for sure! But it turned out absolutely wonderful, didn't it? I took home a stray from a vet's office a few years ago (not my own vet). She had supposedly been given shots and a good bill of health. She was a beautiful Maine Coon. I named her Emily. Well, she got sick and was diagnosed with leukemia, so unfortunately I didn't get to love Emily very long. Very sad. We had another cat at the time, too, but he stayed healthy, thank goodness. Well, anyway, I'm so happy you found Brady. He's been such a sweetheart and wonderful companion for you. Okay... your card is so darn cute and funny! Pretty papers and colors and love how you did the flags with the bow. You aced this challenge, Sherri!!

  4. Brilliant story about Brady Sherri, love your fun card, what a great image, colours and layout.
    Pam x