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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not feeling beary good?

Hi, again!

I hope you are all having a warm spell right now & enjoying it like I am!  It's actually 46 ABOVE today!  If the sun would just come out, it would be a perfect day! Unfortunately, it's gloomy, dreary & gray.  I guess it would be asking too much to have a warm AND sunny day so I'll settle for warm!

This is another get well card that will make it's way to my son-in-law.  He will probably get well faster just to stop the flood of cards!  ha ha

I made this one into a step card so he can sit it somewhere to see it better.  The image is from Inky Antics again.  They have some really cute stamps & a lot of my favorites over the years have been theirs.  The bandaids, RX bottle & sick cutouts were all from my Hugware.

I'm behind in my Valentines now, so I'm off to see what I can come up with for my next post.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



  1. Adorable! and you know I love step cards!!! You are an awesome M-I-L!!! He probably will want you to keep sending 'I'm well' cards! lol

  2. Awww, poor Benton. He's sick but he's still adorable. Too funny about getting better to stop the flood of cards. I know he loves it. I'm enjoying the heck out of these critter cards! Makes me want to color some critters.

  3. Super cute bear-and you know I love my bears. Sorry your son-in-law is sick. This is sure to cheer him up!
    Bear Hugs,