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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

Are you all ready to start remembering to write 2014 instead of 2013?  I remember how hard it was when I was working & you had to type the date on a ton of export documents, remembering to change it to the new year each January. We are all creatures of habit, after all, and when you have typed one number for a whole year, your hands just automatically typed it in January!  lol

To start the new year, I played with some of my dies last night, trying to come up with some Valentine cards I liked.  I only had time to make two before I decided a mystery was calling my name & I abandoned my task in favor of the Kindle. Here is the first version I came up with.

The red polka dot paper isn't quite as "bright" as it appears here.  I started out going for an all white card but decided it needed a pop of color & this red sure does the trick!  I used a Martha Stewart border punch for the bottom edge and embossed the card with a polka dot embossing folder.  Next, I added a square from Spellbinders Decorative Labels One, followed with the large heart from Heartfelt Creations Timeless Amour collection.  Another Martha Stewart heart punch in red and it was done.  The sentiment is from a $1.29 stamp I got at Ben Franklin but it has no name on it at all.

My second card is my favorite!  Probably because it has more layers of lace.

I cut a 5 1/2 inch card, rounded the corners and then started layering it with a Martha Stewart punch around the page set, followed by Spellbinders Adorning Squares, then a smaller version of the MS punch, another smaller size of the Adorning Squares and a MS heart punch.  Simple, but really feminine.  It reminds me of those beautiful lacy cards we used to get "back in the day" when I was much younger. Back then you had to take a valentine for everyone in your class & we decorated boxes to put them in. And there was always that one special person in your class that you hoped would give you a really good valentine. I hope they haven't done away with exchanging valentines as it was such a fun part of the whole holiday! In trying to be so politically correct, they have really ruined a lot of wonderful memories for kids these days.

Catch you later!


  1. The pink is my favorite also. I love the color pink. How on earth do you keep track of all your dies? I always forget what I have so I end up not using them. I just got a Silouette so I'll probably do a lot of cutting with that.

  2. I don't know if they've done away with Valentines at school or not. I hope not. It's not a religious holiday exactly. I mean, he was a saint, but how picky can they get? I've been thinking lately how fun it was to give and receive those Valentines on that special day at school, and that it would be fun to make Valentines for all my friends. People don't do that much anymore. Anyway, your two Valentines are real classics! Such beautiful dies and punches, all lacy and pretty. I love them both!

  3. Had to laugh Sherri! I find myself wanting to read sometimes when I'm creating and visa versa! Go figure! lol Gorgeous die cutting anyway and glad you shared before you quit for reading! I always loved Valentines Day too. Remember the books we'd get and we had to cut them out? I know that is where I got my love for papercrafting! : )
    I was just looking for a heart die that I know I own and I can't find it! I feel like I'm organized. bummer. Hope I find it before I need it! lol ttul!