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Friday, August 15, 2014


Hi, again!

Well, today's theme for the Dies R Us Challenge for the 15th is "Stitching" and this was REALLY a challenge for me!  We have to get these ready ahead of time, of course, and as you know the past 3 weeks have been pretty wild around here.  Dad is finally doing better & hopefully, it won't be long before he can come home again.  Although I used to sew all the time when my daughter was little, I haven't done a lot of it in these past few years.  In fact, the cheap sewing machine I bought a couple of years ago just to sew on my cards was a waste of money & doesn't work at all.  I brought mom's machine home last week while I was cleaning at dad's and thought I was all set!  I had hemmed 4 pairs of pants for him to wear at the nursing home for his rehab and had no doubt my card for today was going to be glorious!  ha ha  Well, you know what they say about counting your chickens ....... After 2 hours of moving the tension every position under the sun I still couldn't get it to sew on paper.  Ruined the first card entirely.  The only stitch I could get to even remotely work was a version of a zig zag.  See for yourself!

I'm sure whatever YOU do if you enter the challenge, it will be infinitely better than mine!

The dies I used were Spellbinder Mystical Embrace & Sue Wilson Striplet-Tethered Hearts. 

Check out the newest additions to the store before you head off to the challenge!  We are carrying an unbelievable number of die companies now & even some stamps!

Happy crafting!!


  1. Would you believe the first thing I noticed was the boarder. I love the boarder as much as the dies, which are pretty spectacular themselves. Love, Love this card.
    So happy to here your Dad is doing better. No one has a better daughter.

  2. Well Sherri, I think your card is totally gorgeous, your stitching looks beautiful to me, as does the cut die work and layout..
    hugs pam

  3. Your stitching looks perfect but, oh, I feel for you with all the trouble you had. How frustrating! The dies are beautiful. You really have an eye for picking out good dies and then actually using them. Really a gorgeous card, Sherri!

  4. Beautiful card! I love the die cut and the contrast of the white with black stitching!