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Monday, January 26, 2015

What's Cooking?

Hi, all!

I have been working on a get well card today & actually hadn't planned to share it so I snapped a quick shot of it just sitting on my desk.  Then, of course, I changed my mind so I have to ask you to ignore the bad photography. I over adjusted the contrast so badly you can't even see the shading.

  This is a card for my sweet son-in-law who has been going through more health issues than any human should have to endure.  I'm hoping it brings him a smile!  The sentiment inside this card is what makes it so funny!  "I'd make you a nice pot of chicken soup.....but I want you to get well!"  Perhaps I should have prefaced this by saying that he is a fantastic cook!  As my daughter & grandson are also.  When you go to their home for a meal it is always better than a 5 star restaurant! They can all cook rings around me!  ha ha  So I know he will appreciate the sentiment!  This was a digi from Hambo Stamps!  Sorry, I had the wrong stamp company listed on my original post!  Long day!

I hope you are having a great week!  It's hard to believe the East coast is getting a blizzard when it is in the low 50's here today!  Unbelievable temps for Iowa in January!  But I'm NOT complaining!!!

Catch you later!


  1. Hahahaha! Your card tickled my funny bone, but I'm sorry about your son-in-law. This card will be perfect for him! Don't you hate when your photos don't show the card as it really is? Well, I've seen your cards in person and I know how awesome they are. Hmmmm... not sure I've been to Tiddly Inks...

  2. i love the image and the sentiment! I bet he'll love it. Hope he's better soon.

  3. Oh Sherri!!! This is ADORABLE! Sorry your SIL is having issues...this will surely make him laugh!


  4. Sherri
    This is so funny your SIL will love it and I hope he feels better soon. Big Hugs

  5. Fantastic get well soon card Sherri, bet you SIL loved it..Great image!!!

  6. Ha Ha-how funny. I just love the humor in this Get Well Card.
    Bear Hugs,