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Monday, May 16, 2016

Birthday Flowers

Happy Monday!

Are you all fired up for another fun week or having a hard time getting out of bed & out the door?  When I was working, I used to think it was harder to have to go to work in the winter when you just wanted to stay home where it was warm.  But sometimes it is just as hard to go to work when the weather is gorgeous & you want to be outside in it instead of inside looking out at it!

I got another die that just spoke to me....I'm going to have to start wearing ear muffs so I can't hear them! ha ha  I loved the stitching around this flower and knew it would be a fun die & it was! This is Poppy Stamps Daphne Bloom.  I cut it out in green and white & then cut several more in white of just the flower head.

I guess I have to count myself in those who are having a hard time getting going this morning!  It just dawned on me when I saw how bright the pops of color are that I posted this BEFORE I adjusted the color! In real life the brilliant "neon" spots are a very muted pinkish mauve.  Duh!  Maybe I need a few more hours of sleep too!  ha ha

Have a fantastic week!


  1. Now, how in the world did those muted pinks turn out neon orange? At any rate it's really a pretty card and I thought the neon went well with the whimsical nature of the flower. Cute die, BTW! I can see how it spoke to you. I laughed out loud at the notion of wearing ear muffs so you can't hear the dies!

  2. Beautiful card Sherri! Love how you cut several of the flower petals! Funny how the muted pink showed up neon orange...looks great and like it was suppose to be that way!


  3. Fabulous card Sherri, love the flower from the new release.
    Pam x

  4. I wondered about this die... ear muffs. Made me laugh Sherri! You'll need what they call ear protection to not hear them!!! lol lol Super cute with the button for the center!

  5. Hi Sherri,
    You have created a masterpiece; very detailed work which needs creativity and great efforts...