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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Penny Black Valentines

Hi everyone,

My vacation is going all too quickly.  Tomorrow is Friday already!  If only work days went as fast!
Another busy day.  Poor little Brady had his annual checkup at the vet this morning.  I don't know which of us is more traumatized, me or him! He yowls all the way there & all the way home. I think next year I'm asking the vet for tranquilizers.....for ME! 

I even washed the car this morning.  What a waste of effort that was.  Although most of the streets were dry, I managed to find one main street that a snow plow was going down spreading snow from the sidewalk in front of a cemetery onto the street.  What a mess! My clean car now looks like I had never washed it.

The day did end on a fun note, however.   An old friend I used to work with brought Chinese over and joined me in making some Valentines.  This is one of them.  Both were done with Penny Black stamps, which are always among my favorites.  I have drawers full of Penny Black stamps! Between the hedgehogs & the cats, I'm hooked. I'm posting the other separately to enter it in their challenge.

What a happy little cat!

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