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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A card at last!

My daughter called tonite to ask why I hadn't posted in several days.  I explained that it was all my friend Gail's fault!  She has just remodeled her stamp room into the most spectacular room you can imagine. Since I have to stamp in my dormer which is the size of a postage stamp, remodeling really isn't an option, but re-organizing was.  As I told my daughter, it was beginning to look like an episode of "hoarders" up here & it was way past time to close my eyes and purge things I don't use. I am going to have enough stuff for a whale of a garage sale one of these days!  I really wish you could have seen my "helper" in action this week! I got some new storage units that had to be put together & at one point while trying to screw a bolt into the side of one he wrapped both paws around my screwdriver & tried to "help" me turn it. I was laughing so hard I had to stop for awhile. I did manage to get some shots of him checking out my progress.

I finally had some time to put a card together tonite.  This is a Mo Manning image colored with pencils & gamsol. I even fired up the sewing machine for it. Now that I have re-organized, I found a place for it to sit out where it is handy.

Well, it is late & that alarm will go off way too early in the morning!  Better get myself off to bed.
Catch you all later!


  1. I just love this layout. And of course your coloring is spectacular. I am looking forward to
    seeing the results of all your hard work on your craft room. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Love the card! Your colours are fabulous and perfect stitching!! I'd blame Gail too except I haven't started 'dunging' things out yet! I think I'm a hoarder as well!

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