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Monday, April 18, 2011

My First Award!

Hi everyone,
I don't have a card to post tonite, but I do have something even better to share. My first award!

This award came from Sheree at Vancouver Island Craft Junkie & means extra to me because she is such a sweetheart & leaves me wonderful words of encouragement. As someone relatively new to stamp blogs, I still have a long way to go & it means so much to have someone whose work you admire take the time to comment on a card you post.  Some days I look at all the awesome cards out there & wonder why I even bother to post when I am clearly not in their league, but then I get a kind word & remember that all of them probably started out just where I am. So I try even harder the next day.

So, here are the two rules that come with this award:

1. Post about the award on your blog with a link back to the sender.
2. Pass onto those who visit your blog and leave comments regularly.

Well, I don't have a huge following, but those who do leave me comments are beautiful gals whose work I just adore. But even more than that, I've come to love each of them as friends who stop by to chat & leave a kind word or two.  They are not just talented ladies, but very special ones.  Here is my list:

Mina -Pinkpuds
Pam - Expression With Heart
Dawn - My Stamping Thyme

Well, it's raining hard here right now & it is supposed to possibly change to a partial snow event tomorrow. The only "Spring" we see may well end up being what we post on our cards! 

Check out the special gals above & I'll catch you all later!


  1. You are so sweet. Thank you. I appreciate this. I love coming to visit. I am hoping that you do not get any snow. I am visiting my family in the Midwest next week and I expect 80 degrees like it is here in NC..I am counting on you to give me some sun..:)

  2. ooohhhh thank you so much for this, your words are so kind and thoughtful, its a real pleasure to come over here and every single time I do your blog name makes me smile, I love it
    Mina xxx