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Monday, September 3, 2012

Dad's 90th Surprise Party


I hope you are all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Instead of a card today, I thought I would post some photos of Dad's 90th Surprise Party.  We held the party in the basement at church but were having a hard time coming up with a way to get him there.  My daughter came up with the idea of getting an old, old car to drive him there since we were going with an old car theme for the party. Thanks to my BFF, Gail, who lined me up with someone who knew someone, who knew someone....I was able to make arrangements for a 1930 Model A. I told Dad that I was tired of buying him the same old thing every birthday so I was giving him a ride in an old car this year as part of his gift. We had arranged for the driver to ride around the area a bit, then drive him to the church parking lot where we would surprise him.  It worked!  He had absolutely no idea we were having a party!

This is a shot of him standing beside the car before they left on the ride. (Which he really enjoyed)

Here is a shot of him opening cards at his house when we returned from the party. As you can see, he really doesn't look 90 & thankfully, still gets around well.

So that is how I spent my Labor Day weekend!  I hope yours was as much fun!

Catch you later.


  1. Sherri, that sounds like a wonderful way to start off for a surprise party, and your photos look great, and he really doesn't look 90. Someday that might be a great idea for a gift for my husband. He loves old cars. I will need to remember this idea.

  2. Sherri
    What a great birthday surprise you gave your Dad! You have some great genes going for you as your Dad looks much younger than 90 years young! Hugs

  3. He sure doesn't look 90! That's a great idea for a birthday gift as well as a clever way to get him to the party. I'll bet he enjoyed himself!

  4. Your dad really doesn't like 90! I'm so pleased you were able to keep it all a surprise and I hope he really enjoyed it.