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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Play Day..

Hi, all!

I hope you are all staying warm! I think it got up to 7 degrees today, but it certainly didn't feel even that warm outside.   And hearing that this is record cold for December doesn't make me feel any warmer either!

There were a lot of things I intended to do today.  Intended, being the key word here!  Somehow I made the mistake of turning the computer on to check for emails this morning, and the rest is history.  Top Dog Dies was having their first blog hop.  Hmmmm!  When I worked, I never had time to do a blog hop & visit all the different sites.  I thought I would just take a quick peek.....well, one peek led to another peek and before you knew it, I was merrily hopping along.  And a good thing too!  One of the gals I stopped at (Michelle Neddo) had made adorable snowflake ornaments for her hop stop.  I immediately started thinking of all the snowflake dies I had & wondering what else I could try this on.  Well, let me show you!

The snowflake turned out so cute I tried the same thing with a cute Cherry Lynn tree die.  My first attempt is on the right.  I thought it would be smart to back it with a solid white so the ornament would be more stable. Well, had I thought about it longer, I would have realized that without another green tree on the back of the white backing, some of the sides would just be all white & ugly.  Plan B...forget about the backing & just do the trees without it.  I'm blaming my lack of foresight on lack of coffee.  ha ha I've been making half a pot & putting it in a thermos so I don't have to keep going back downstairs for refills. Need a Plan B for that too! My thermos broke yesterday so I'm going to be forced to dig out my old one tomorrow.  One cup in the morning is NOT enough!

I'm working on another project that I hope to be able to share tomorrow.  I need miniature marshmallows first & it was just too darned cold to go out for them today. Bet you are wondering, now aren't you?

Catch you later!

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  1. Oh, my! The trees are adorable, the snowflakes are awesome! Wowee! I see polka dots, too! What fun! I can just picture you working away in your craft room, like a little Christmas workshop. Yes, I'm intrigued about what you'll do with mini-marshmallows...