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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bunny Wishes!

Happy Sunday!

You know how I love "critters" and this one reminds me of the darling bunny that visits me every morning while I eat breakfast!  I can't believe how much he has grown since his first visit!  But then the birdseed and corn I have out for the birds seems to be a favorite with him as well.  He and Alvin (my favorite squirrel) take turns sitting in front of the kitchen windown chowing down!  Alvin gets so much stuffed into his cheeks that he actually looks more like a chipmunk than a squirrel! Brady ignores Alvin, but whenever the bunny comes he just goes nuts!  His tail goes 100 mph while he sits in the window watching him.

I'm waiting for my camera to recharge and I have more cards to take.  As I said earlier, I have been gearing up for a donation and these are all part of it.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Ohhh, he's adorable! And you know I LOVE this die! If I didn't have to go outside I'd soooo be coloring right now. You always make me want to go to my stamp room. I wonder why Brady is interested in the bunny, but not the squirrel. It sparks something primitive in his brain, I guess. We're having an Oregon coast heat wave this week -- temps in the 70s. I love it, but it sure cuts into my stamping time!

  2. What a sweet bunny that you've colored beautifully! Love the peachy/orange with the blue flowers! Funny that Brady is more interested in the bunny than the squirrel...maybe he thinks the bunny is an easier catch! Ha ha!


  3. Super cute and pretty! oh man, I know what you mean about the camera battery...always needs charged when I'm in a hurry! :D