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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

With heartfelt condolences

Hello, friends!

I'm still working on the cards for my donation & everyone needs sympathy cards so I will include some of those as well.

I love simple sympathy cards and it doesn't get much simpler than this.  I have another to share tomorrow using a new edge die.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Sherri
    I had to enlarge this photo of your beautiful card to see if the was one die and now I see how you did this!!! So simply but so, so, clever and elegant. Can make these for all occasions. Love that idea. Where are you donating your cards?

  2. Now you've got me wanting to look at some of my dies to see if I can CASE this. Very pretty! The simplicity is perfect for a sympathy card and I love it!

  3. Lovely Sherri! I saved this because I need to get a stash of sympathy cards again. So terrible of me to be a card maker and not get cards sent... hanging my head...