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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Let it Snow!

Hello, again!

As promised, here is the 2nd stamp from the set I mentioned yesterday.  I love this happy little snowman and just thought he had to go with this happy snowman paper! I miss making snowmen! I are SUPPOSED to grow up!  Guess I never did!  So I've already decided if we get a deep enough snow this year I'm definitely sneaking out my back door to make one! I'm sure my cat Brady will watch me out the window & think I have completely lost my mind! ha ha

Have I talked anyone else into making a snowman?   If I make one, I'll take a picture of him and post it for you!  Promise!!



  1. I would love to make a snowman! I'll be surprised if we get any snow, though. Oh, my gosh, I love this stamp set! Such cute, quick cards, and the most adorable paper with this one. So perfectly matched up with the image. Now I'm wanting to go through my paper stash and see what pretties I've been neglecting. You always do that to me.

  2. how fun and I love these cards with these older pattern papers... I keep hoping I still have some! lol Such cute stamps too! It's kinda cold her for being outside. hoho We do have a little snow and there's a big of a flurry in the air this a.m. but no stick togetherness! lol

  3. super cute. Love, love how perfectly the paper compliments the stamp.