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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tired Ghoul..

Well, let me explain tonite's goofy card before we go any farther.  I hadn't really decided to work on one tonite because I was just too tired. But then there was that darned new flower die sitting on my desk just begging to be tried out.  I knew I should make a Halloween card for a change of pace, but I REALLY wanted to do flowers.  So instead of doing what "normal" people do & making either a flower card OR a Halloween card, I just plopped my cute little flowers down on this $1 stamp from Michaels that followed me home tonite. The sentiment was another from their dollar bin.  Who says you have to have everything spooky on a Halloween card?  And truthfully, this one is not one I will probably ever send anyone. It was more of a kill time when you are too tired to make a REAL card, card.  If I haven't confused you at this point, I haven't done my job!  ha ha

Now you see what I mean don't you?  I was too tired to make a "real" card ..just didn't have the energy. But I sure wanted to "play" for awhile before I went to bed.  Does anyone else ever have this problem?

Yesterday I came home to find I had no water.  The main at the end of the street had broken & they worked on it all day & all nite & finally this morning I had water again.  In the meantime, they have re-routed all the traffic from the busy main street where it broke so that it all goes directly in front of my house. Heedless to say, it was a loud night.  I never realized how many cars traveled down that street or how fast they drove! And of course, there are always the cars with their sound systems turned up to instant deafness levels who go past at 2 in the morning & rattle the windows of your house! ugh!  I must be getting old!  lol

Better get busy.  Catch you all later.  Have a great day!

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  1. I absolutely love the flowers on this card. I think it's genus. I really like this and you know how I feel about Halloween.