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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A really good day!

Hi, again!

I had a really good day today.  Did I win the lottery?  Find a sale on paper?  Get a new die?  Nope!  Better than any of those things!  After trying unsuccessfully for 8 years to put up my now 8 year old "new" pre-lit tree, this is the year I get to enjoy it for the first time!!!!  Why, you may ask, have I been unable to enjoy it before?   Well, he has 4 furry little legs & a LONG tail.  And the minute I brought it up out of the basement each year, he would attach himself to the nearest branch & begin to chew. So back into the basement it would go & the "Charlie Brown" version (with no lights) would come up and take it's place.  For those of you with cats, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  For those of you who don't have them, you are shaking your heads right now.  I know you are!  ha ha  Actually, for the first 6 years, even the Charlie Brown version had to be carried into the bathroom at night because he would wait until the middle of the night & see how many ornaments he could get swinging & banging into each other while he created his own Christmas band!  Last year, he ignored the tree.  So this year, I set up the pre-lit tree and watched to see what he would do.  He sniffed it, walked around it, sat under it & admired the lights, then came over to the couch and sat by my feet to just stare at it.  I CHEERED!!!  I am a person who adores Christmas!  Always have & always will.  I decorate every room in my house. (Which explains why I would put up with having to carry a tree into my bathroom at night just to have one. Besides the fact, I may be crazy! lol)

So, enough of that.  On to some Christmas cards I made yesterday.  I can't take credit for them, however, since I got the idea from a fabulous card I saw on Splitcoast while I was killing time waiting to leave for an appt. Loll Thompson had done a card in all white that just blew me away.  You have to check out her website to see it for yourself.  It's awesome!  These are my versions of that gorgeous card.

All of these were done with watercolor paper, Memory Box dies & Cheery Lynn or Spellbinder dies for the lace.  As I said, I can't take the credit for them, but Loll's card really got me excited about white cards! 

Have a great Hump Day tomorrow & if I don't talk to you before Thursday, have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Sherri, these are all gorgeous. I love the white on white. And so happy that you can enjoy your tree this year.

  2. Sherri
    This is so elegant and gives the feeling of peace. I love the whole white on white! I think I am catching the fever!! Hugs

  3. Simply exquisite, Sherri! I'm agog! All white cards are so beautiful, and I love the little pop of color on the second two. I could kick myself that I didn't get a poinsettia die on my recent Spellbinders order. So your little Brady has finally grown up, at least in regard to the Christmas tree. I'll bet he's happy to have you home with him more now that you're retired.