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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Return to Christmas!

Hi, all!

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days.  I've been working on Christmas cards for a couple of days. Today I had to take a break to work on a paper Christmas tree for my daughter.  I wanted to be sure I had it finished before Thursday!  I made this one the same as the paper wreath but this one is going to be sprayed with some Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist.  I think my daughter wants to see the finished version before deciding if she will trust me to do that part or she will want to do it herself!  ha ha   Sometimes my spraying doesn't turn out the way I hope.  Apparently, although the bottle directions clearly state to "shake well" you are NEVER supposed to do that!  Instead you are to swirl and burp the bottles... sounds rather like feeding a small baby doesn't it?    On with the unveiling....

Since it is taller than a card, it was hard to photograph.  I used a Spellbinder snowflake as the topper. It's really much prettier in real life than it appears here.  And after it gets sprayed, it should be gorgeous!  There are 143 flowers on this tree.  I know that because the box of pearl headed corsage pins I used to attach them held 144 and the last one secured the top!  I was surprised it took that many flowers, actually.  When I began, I thought I would easily have half a box of pins left.  By the time I neared the top, I was sweating over whether or not I would have enough to finish!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Good grief, that's a lot of flowers and pins! Is your hand aching from all the punching? But what a fantastic result! I can just imagine how it will look with the glimmer spray. Wow!

  2. Beautiful, Sherri! Such intricate work! Hope you photograph it with the spray, too. Would love to see that.

  3. Wowie-this is amazing. It is just gorgeous Sherri. Did you punch or die cut all those flowers???? Wow-I love it. It will be gorgeous sprayed. Are you doing it a color or just sparkly. I love inking and spraying-have fun doing your tree.
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Bear Hugs,