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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Teaching an old dog new tricks!

Hi, everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!  I spent part of mine working on some Christmas cards.  I had a new die I wanted to play with and true to my nature, I started out with 2 really boring cards.  It is so easy to get into a rut & not try new things.  Especially when they take a little longer to do or we are not familiar with them.  So for card number three, I decided to make a side step card.  It was ok, but still nothing exciting.  At that point, I got really brave & decided to try for a multiple step card.  The inspiration for my bravery is my friend Pam Sparks.  Her cards are all amazing works of art, and a lot of them are step cards. While my final card didn't quite live up to her masterpieces, I was happy with myself for at least trying to get out of my rut & try new things!

Here are the first two (acceptable, but boring) cards I made using the Grand Merry Christmas die from Memory Box that I wanted to try out.

I made both of these cards with the Memory Box Grand Merry Christmas die, the corner bow and the Poinsettia die. I cut the flower from that flocked ribbon you can get everywhere this time of year.  It's perfect for flowers and even retains the veins in the leaves.  I got this tip from my friend Tonda! 

Now I moved on to my first brave step with a side step card.  Again I used the same dies and added the Frosty Border from Memory Box to the side panels and the wreath is from Impression Obsession.

On to my last (and my favorite attempt)

The frontal shot was a bit hard to see the "steps" so I also included a side view as well. I added the birch tree die, the frosted tree and the Winter Cabin dies along with the small deer.   What do you think? Am I out of my rut?  Who says you can't teach an "old dog" new tricks!!  

Have a wonderful week!


  1. The 1st 2 are nice, but the last 2...WOW!

  2. I don't think your first two cards are boring. I especially like the second one with the bright green and the way the red flower and crisp white sentiment pop against it. The last two cards are pretty fabulous, though. Your favorite is a beautiful winter wonderland scene, so pretty with the blue snowflake paper. Its fun and rewarding to do something different like this. I've never made a step card of any kind. I have some tutorials saved I'd like to try. Retirement is giving you more time to branch out and it looks like tons of fun!

  3. Okay - Sherri - first - absolutely nothing boring about any of your cards. Anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these cards. I loved them all - I would never have thought about the ribbon you used for the dies! Great idea - thanks for sharing! Now that last card had me oooohing and aaaahing to the point I am now late for work but it was worth it! LOL As I wrote the last time to you, I have never tried a step card and I love all of yours! Big Hugs

  4. Fabulous Sherri! So fun to see the progression! Love them all! Love your cards but love reading what you write too! You always make me smile! Beautiful cards and designing!

  5. You are too funny Sherri! Why on earth would you think your first two cards are boring. You will thank yourself for not over embellishing when you take them to the post office to mail. I need to win the lottery to mail my cards Love the side step too-one of my favorite folds.
    Bear Hugs,

  6. I love all of these, they are great.