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Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Shaker card for your birthday!

Hi, gals!

Have you ever tried making cards when you were tired or when you were not thinking about what you were doing?  You know what happens then, don't you?  One mistake after another...and another!!  Well, that was THIS card!   I started out with Memory Box Waltzing of my favorite butterfly dies.  I have only made a shaker card 3 times before....this is actually my fourth shaker card. I knew what to do, but for some reason I was not paying attention to the card.  Apparently, I was too busy watching television.   I had the front panel done & like an idiot, didn't stamp the "Enjoy your Birthday" on it BEFORE I filled it.   You are ahead of me aren't you?  ha ha  Yup! Stamped it on the front & smeared the ink!  Ok, I could fix that with a circle glued on problem......

Grabbed my double sided tape & put a line of it down on the FRONT of my card instead of the back!!  Tried to pull it off & it tore the paper.  Option # 2....grab some ribbon & hide the "boo boo"...which explains why there is ribbon on this card.  ha ha  For a card that started out as such a disaster, it still looks ok!

Have YOU ever had a card that was disaster after disaster but you still saved? I'd love to hear your stories!

Back tomorrow with a great Tutti die!  See you then!


  1. Oh, Sherri, this looks so pretty as a shaker card! Die cuts bring a whole new level of awesome to shakers. Love all the purple inside and out, and the gingham ribbon to cover your boo boo is a nice finish. I'm all too familiar with your disaster story. I commented on Gail's blog the other day that I stitched a card closed once. Had to use that whole card as a layer on a larger card. It was pretty heavy, but it looked okay in the end. Despite my best efforts I often stamp a sentiment crooked and have to cover it or I have a smudge that gets an embellishment over it. Oftentimes it comes out better in the end, which is how your card appears to me. I can't imagine it looking better any other way!

  2. Oh feel for you Sherri, many a time done similar on a card.
    Your card looks beautiful, love the shaker with butterflies as the panel, gorgeous colours & ribbon.
    Pam x

  3. I feel your pain! I have had everything all ready to stick down and realize I forgot to put the acetate down first! SO frustrating! Anyhow your card is gorgeous despite the boo boos!