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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Have a "Dino-mite" birthday!

Happy Hump Day, gals!

Your week is half over & hopefully, it has been a great one so far! If you aren't already sick of gingham, this one may put you over the edge!  But I promise tomorrow's card will NOT be gingham!

Another Bugaboo cutie-pie!  And another card for my kid's stash!

I'm hoping the bright primary colors & the dragon will be a hit with kids, especially smaller ones!
Since it is hard to tell whether or not this is a boy or a girl, I decided to just make it a girl & give her red toenails!

Stop by tomorrow for something that has NO gingham on it!!  Promise, cross my heart!


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  1. I'm not tired of gingham and I never get tired of your cute cards! This one is perfect for a kid, boy or girl, even with the red toenails. Those Bugaboos are all so fun! And you used my favorite banner. I love how you made it so colorful. I was out with the dogs yesterday and will be out with a friend today. Got a card ready to photograph, but can't seem to find the time to set up the space to do it. Every time I visit you I just want to go color something! Have a good day, Sherri!