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Monday, June 27, 2016

Love this die!

Hello, again!

I'm back today with one of my new favorite dies.  (I can hear the laughing from here, ladies!) I know they are ALL my favorites and I say that a lot.  But this one just adds such a lacy, gorgeous edge I grab it a lot.  I probably shouldn't share this story with you, but it made me laugh. My friend Gail was over the other day & she noticed a stack of the clear plastic envelopes (complete with address label names) that I store my dies in sitting on my desk. When she asked about them, I had to "fess" up that they were waiting for some new dies I had ordered.  She started laughing in disbelief. She said my dies are just like my children & she couldn't believe I already had their little "homes" waiting for them before they even got here.  ha ha Yup!  The minute I order any dies, as soon as the order confirmation comes across I make the address label for the clear plastic envelope & get it ready. That way once the mailman leaves, I head upstairs, put them in their little "homes" and add them to my inventory list.  It's a ritual!  Do you think I need professional help?  ha ha

 This is a Tutti Butterfly Strip die.  And it makes a beautiful edge whether you are doing a landscape card or a portrait view.  What do you think?

What a quick birthday card this makes....and a beautiful one too!

And for a sympathy card, it works just as well.  The butterfly edge is just gorgeous isn't it?

So now do you see why this is one of my new favorites?

Catch you later!


  1. This is a beautiful die and it makes such a pretty lacy edge. I just love the lime green on the first card. Wow! What fantastic contrast. And on the second card your color choice gives it such a soft and delicate look. Amazing the difference in the two cards using the same die. And I don't think you need professional help at all! You're so on top of it and I'm a nut for organization. I know you'll use your new dies right away, too. Mine will go into the "new" basket and not get filed until I use them. Trouble is, I don't use them right away and then they get piled up. I like your system much better! What I wouldn't give to see your die collection in person. Wow!

  2. What do I think, well Sherri! it`s also one of my favourite Tutti Dies, love that you teamed with this gorgeous green, then the soft pink, two stunning creations.
    Love your idea filling your new dies, but no good for me, my new DT collections are kept with rubber bands round on my work table, till next collection arrive, so I know which I`m using! my own collections go onto A4 magnetic sheet! waiting to be used lol.
    Pam x